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Been a couple of months since I have done a blog but to be fair we have been bogged down with lots of SSW stuff and preparing for the seventh weekender in June. We pride ourselves on bringing you inspired line ups and it’s great to see that some other festivals follow what we do and mimic our cutting edge line ups, confirming that SSW is now THE event at the forefront of Dance music, so the hard work makes it very worthwhile when we see larger festivals looking to SSW for ideas.

What can we say about MFSB in March with our guests Mr & Mrs Girdwood, OUTSTANDING springs to mind. You could barely move at the daytime club and the tunes were insane, with rare slate after rare slate being thrown down solid for six hours of soulful goodness, all wrapped up with a smattering of rare disco and quality House chucked in for good measure. The same could be said of April’s MFSB and the House anthems special, folk travelled from as far away as Holland for the party and of course from many parts of the UK to experience the daytime clubbing phenomenon. Next month it’s a residents party with Dave and myself at the ‘MAY The Funk Be With You’ MFSB. I know, the names are getting’ more stupid each month but the music remains serious!

May 6th MFSB, The Street, Picardy Place/Broughton Street corner, 15:00-21:00 FREE ENTRY

and the 1st Saturday of every month thereafter. Please remember to purchase your drinks downstairs in the club, not in the bar upstairs… It’s how we keep the event FREE!

The Furstenberg/Made In Glasgow ‘Love Lounge’ room at SSW7 is set to welcome some brilliant DJs from Glasgow that the Made In Glasgow guys have invited to play but there are also some interesting folk that are attending SSW7 who are gonna drop in the room and spin some tunes also, including Mark Devlin from Black Sheep Magazine and Thomas Tuft from 3B Records in Liverpool. Many SSW folk still talk about Thomas’ set in the pavilion at SSW4 in Preston, so we look forward to him joining the Love Lounge team in this new ‘Back to Mine’ room where Made In Glasgow promise a very eclectic musical experience.

Pleased to say that the Northern Souls ‘Coming Back’ track is flying, at the time or writing ‘Coming Back’ was awarded ‘weekend weapon’ status on Traxsource, it is also a featured track on the landing page and entered the Nu Disco chart at number 2, so it’s been quite a month for our new EP on the Black Riot label. We have almost finished the second Northern Souls EP and sent out two tracks to Tastemaker DJs including Oscar P in the USA, who reported that the track wrecked his San Diego gig on April 15th. Those of you on the Northern scene will recognise the small part of a Twisted Wheel anthem that is sampled and brought bang up to date with a House make over.

We are very pleased that Gavin Page will be bringing his popular Bear Cave record store that he operates in Southend up to SSW this year. Gavin stocks seriously in demand vinyl at very fair prices, from Jazz through to Modern Soul, from rare Boogie and Northern, to collectable House music, so make sure you bring your pocket money along. You don’t wanna miss that track you’ve been lookin’ for, for the last ten years do you?

Bear Cave records

Thanks to everybody that has joined me on Instagram, I have met some great rekkid collectors on there and so many music fans from around the world and it’s pretty positive to see jus’ how many collectors of our music there are around the planet. I have been putting up some of my own collection, so if you get time bounce over there you can find me at @yogihaughton and you can also join the SSW page which is b>@sswevents.

I’ll be at the Dundee Dance Event on the 30th of April and playing sets at a few venues through the day (please check programme for the venues I will be at). On May 5th I am delving into my Disco and Boogie collection to play at Jaffle Joint on Portobello High Street in Edinburgh from 20:00 until 12:00 and I will be back at Jaffle Joint on May 27th doing a Northern Soul set with a touch of 70s Soul chucked in for good measure. Speaking of Northern Soul, have any of you seen Kim Jong-Un at any all nighters? I’m sure he is a soulie, check the cut of his keks, he’s all over the 40”ers. May 6th I am doing one of my favourite bars in Edinburgh that being 99 Hanover from 21:00 until 01:00. The usual mash up of cutting edge unreleased and brand new House music, all mashed up with Rare Disco, Funk, Jazz and Boogie. Free entry as ever but do arrive early if you want a seat, 99 is one of the capital’s busiest bars and it gets seriously tight in there.

That’s enough to be going on gig wise, let’s talk music! Received a lovely lookin’ TP from Boogie Café Records recently albeit right on the cusp of the release date on digital but as the vinyl is still waiting to go I think, we can give it a mention.

Mannmademusic/Jank ‘Sandman’ Boogie Café Records
Boogie Café is a label that constantly delivers the goods for the dance floor and this EP is more of the same when it comes to putting the DNA of a dancefloor killer EP together. Mannmademusic smash it out the park with the title track, talk about a track building… The vocal starts off fairly shy before building and building like a pot of soulful soup simmering away before bubbling into a Disco frenzy. Things get gritty, down and dirty on the ‘Get Up’ Remix. A mumbling backing is shaken by organ, keys, a funk sax and JB flavoured drums that are enhanced by crunchy claps. Flip it and Mannmademusic rubs Jank’s ‘Doin’ It’ up with great conga loops and a catchy, scatty vocal sampled over an endearing keys sample. Jank’s original mix takes the pace down into a real hod neading and funky stepper zone. In tha box and droppin’ all four cuts.

Mark Nicols ‘Funk EP’ Ring Rose Records
This 10” has been in circulation for a couple of months now and because I have not written the blog for two months I have missed the boat with an upfront review of this four track offering. Mark is a prolific producer and I mean seriously prolific, often sending me ten CDs at a time of demos. How he streamlines his efforts down to four tracks is a miracle but cutting away to the bone is what he has done here. There is no track listing, which doesn’t help but I can tell you that there is an experimental track kicking off the EP which is almost like an interlude, library type effort. No sooner has this opening gambit ceased and we are thrown off a cliff onto a killer underground groove that would be equally at home on any labels that are small, unconcerned with big production value and simply wanna release edgy, grimy, dark, moody, movers. Flip it and a naughty, scratchy keyboard and conga battling groove elbow each other for space under the dainty piano notes. Again, there is a one hundredth of a second gap between tracks, which is particularly fitting with this side, such is the pace and energy of both the B side cuts. The second cut finds Mark plundering his kit for yet more grainy keys to play over this jittering House effort. If you like polished House this EP ain’t for you, it’s one for the boxes of folk that like earthy, edgy House that has been sanded down rather polished into a generic USA sound.

Swanken ‘Circadian EP’ So Sound Recordings
Three tracks in total, two of which are ridiculously soothing soundscapes of lush, velvet sounds with super laid back beats and a pace to compliment the relaxo vibe. ‘101’ and ‘Circadian’ are the kinda tunes you wanna jus’ wanna sit back sipping a glass of beer and a comfy pillow behind your neck and to put your feet up to. For ‘Fire In You’ Swanken is joined by Dan K and Emilia Garth for something aimed at discerning dance floors that like it a lil’ on the deep side. Awash with lovely keys and blipping stabs over the bumpy bass programming and snappy beats laid down for Emilia to deliver the cool, laid back vocal.

Andy Roda ‘Rock the Boat’ Align Records
Not to be confused with the Hues Corporation song of the same name, this effort is an interpritaion of the Aaliyah RnB tune recorded shortly before her untimely death. Two mixes, the squelchy bassline infused ‘Original Mix’, which finds Roda on fine form vocally, as are the sweet backing vocalists. The ‘Jack The Boat Mix’ exchanges the smooth beats for crunchy, tuffer beats as you would expect with a title inferring it’s a jackin’ track. A balance of sweet vocals and snappy beats are compromised and the track offers up a great House mix that straddles commercial flavours with a club groove.

‘Yogi’s Collection, Selection’

Whenever I suggest something to my girlfriend she usually exclaims, “You’re full of fuckin’ bright ideas you.” Spurred on by this massive vote of confidence from her I have come up with the ground breaking idea of including a review of an “oldie” into the blog, genius I know lol. The criteria to be included is that the track or album should either be of historical importance, an essential weapon for DJs that might not be aware of the material, include content that is worthy of studio heads checkin’ out for sampling/re rub purposes or it is simply jus’ a kick ass tune/album that I like. As all tracks are lifted off my shelves I have come up with the catchy handle for this section of… Yogi’s Collection, Selection. I suggested the name to my girlfriend and she said, “that is laughable.” Ahhhh so it’s catchy and funny then I thought to myself, great, I’ll use it! So here we go with our first Yogi’s Collection, Selection…

Gary toms Empire

Gary Toms Empire ‘Let’s Do It Again’ ‘ Mercury LP
1978 and with a fitting album cover to suit, featuring Gary Toms dressed as a Roman soldier, complete with big ass ‘fro and why not? I’ve seen 60s and 70s albums with brothers in Musketeer clobber and also dressed as cowboys, so why not a Roman soldier? Lookin’ down the credits one name leaps off the sleeve and that is a geezer by the name of Patrick Adams, no surprise then that there is a substantial Disco feel to some of the cuts. ‘Feeling Good Again’ is fine but ‘1-2-3-4 (Let’s Do It Again)’ gets the party started. To say it has simalrities to The Rimshots ‘7-6-5-4-3-2-1’ is an understatement but a theme that repeats itself on several tracks here is the Jazz influences on this LP and that Jazz sound manifests itself through a great but all too short sax solo, trumpet and sizzling organ riff. ‘Gary’s Love Theme’ is up next and wow! The steppin’ first half of the track gives way to a killer dance floor Jazz track that flies off the handle wonderfully for the dancers. ‘Welcome To Harlem’ is a Disco highlight and ‘Watch out For The Lady’ is a Disco dancer too. A Disco version of Bacharach & David’s ‘Walk On By’ is one for your Disco ammo if Disco bullets are your thing. ‘She’s Something Else’ is a wicked funky thing with some brilliant breaks in there for loopin’ up and again we get mo’ jazzy sax and some sizzling synth and organ impregnate the conga breaks on this brass heavy dancer. Like many Disco albums it’s not so much about the vocals, but what’s in the groove that counts here.

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Till next time!

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