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Our agreement is a legal contract and begins when we, Scottish Soulful Weekenders Ltd hereinafter referred to as SSW, have received payment for yourself and your party, (deposit or full payment). When completing the booking form we need to know:

a: Your full name and address
b: The names, addresses and emails of all the members of your party
c: Your telephone numbers

Our agreement is between SSW and the first person on the booking form (the party leader) and binds you and all the members of your party to comply with the terms of the agreement. It is your responsibility to ensure that all members of your party are aware of and comply with the agreement. You must also tell us if there are any changes to your party.

Our agreement includes

  1. a) The line-up as expressed on our website and any promotional material as expressed at the time of booking (very rarely unforeseen circumstances may force cancellation of artists/DJ’s we will endeavour to replace these wherever possible).
    b) SSW cannot be held responsible for the cancellation of anything to do with the event due to natural disasters or acts of God. Should this happen then refunds cannot be given due to such circumstances.
    c) All written communication between us.
    d) Rules and notices applying to the SSW site. Our right to decline a booking – For the protection and enjoyment of all guests, we reserve the right to ask for information about any member of your party including age, gender, address and if we believe that the Weekender is unsuitable for any particular group, we will decline a booking at our sole discretion.

It is very important that you are adequately insured so please advise all your party members of this.


Should you wish to amend your booking in any way, please ring us immediately! We will then do our best to make the necessary arrangements for you and if we can, meet your requirements. We reserve the right to charge £25 for each amendment. We will always endeavour to adjust parties in size providing the relevant rooms are available. If in the event of a party drop out and we are unable to re-sell the space, the original place must be paid for in full. If you need to cancel the Weekender, call us urgently on 07540 112220 or alternatively e-mail us at yogihaughton.ssw@gmail.com

If we receive your written cancellation by 12.01am on the 5th May 2015, there will be no costs other than the deposit amount of £50 per person, which is a non-refundable deposit.

If we receive your written cancellation after 12.01am on 5th May 2015, you will be liable to pay us the whole cost of the Weekender. Please note you cannot re-sell your pass as we need the names of every person attending (ID MAY BE ASKED FOR). The booking may be amended as afore mentioned and this will incur a £25 amendment fee.


We reserve the right to cancel or terminate your Weekender and that of the rest of your party at any time.

* Should we in our sole discretion consider your conduct, or the conduct of any member of your party, is likely to pose a danger or impair the safety, comfort or enjoyment of our other guests, our staff or other members of the public or be likely to do so; or
* If you failed to disclose any material facts to us when booking your Weekender or in any communications with us; or
* If you or any of your party fail to comply with any of the terms of our agreement. In the above circumstances no refunds or compensation will be given.

Should we cancel the Weekender in circumstances other than those detailed above, we will offer you a full refund minus booking fees.
Should we cancel the Weekender in circumstances other than those detailed above, we will offer you a full refund minus booking fees.
In the event of the weekender changing venue for unforeseen circumstances then SSW reserves the right to do so. In this event party leaders will be informed but no refunds will be given.
If there are insufficient bookings for the Weekender, we reserve the right to cancel and let you know at least 7 days before the start of the Weekender.


Care of Your Possessions
It is your responsibility to look after and care for your possessions, valuables and money whilst at the Weekender with us. You should not leave valuable items unattended in your accommodation or elsewhere and we suggest you do not bring such possessions to the Weekender unless absolutely necessary. We cannot accept any liability for loss or damage unless due to our negligence.
We strongly recommend that you have suitable holiday or comprehensive insurance.
In case of any loss, please contact Reception or Security. After the Weekender, the return of any lost property will incur a charge for postage and packing.
Official SSW associated hotel Rules
The following rules apply to the Stanwix Holiday Park and other local rules may apply: Alcoholic beverages purchased elsewhere cannot be brought on site beyond the security boundaries ie under no circumstances can alcohol be brought into the arenas from your accommodation. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in the confiscation of the beverages and may result in us cancelling your weekender pass. Security reserves the right to search patrons of the weekender and their bags if they are suspected of bringing alcohol onto the premises. (Friendly note…we appreciate that patrons staying on-site might wish to enjoy a drink in their rooms but we would ask that you DO NOT brink drinks out of your rooms)
Abuse of alcohol is not permitted.
Excessive noise or rowdy behaviour is not permitted.
Offensive or illegal behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in the involvement of the Police.
You must not commit or attempt to commit any illegal act.
No Smoking in rooms, please use designated smoking areas.
Damage to Our Property and Compensation
You must use your accommodation and other facilities with care and on departure leave it in a clean and tidy condition. We reserve the right to invoice you for any charges incurred by us, should you not comply with this requirement. (Your room may be inspected by security in your presence when you request check out)
We reserve the right, either during or after your stay, to recover from you the costs of Any damage caused by you to our property, accommodation, articles or facilities provided to you during the Weekender. Any compensation we may pay to other persons, guests or third parties we incur in resolving any acts or omissions of you or any member of your party, or as a consequence of any breach of this Contract.


Where disputes arise between guests, these matters are normally entirely beyond our control and responsibility. We will endeavour to provide assistance where reasonably possible but, under data protection laws, we are not able to provide any personal information about other guests, even in the event of a dispute. If we can assist you and you are able to claim for any costs we incur in helping you, e.g. from a third party or under an insurance policy, then any costs incurred by us will be recoverable from you.
We endeavour to welcome guests with disabilities at SSW, please notify us of any special requirements you may need in order that we can do our best to accommodate you. If you need to discuss any needs please call our help line.


All balances must be paid by 12.01 am on the 5th May 2015 or you will lose each deposit per person Continuation of Contract Terms Should any of the terms of our Contract be officially declared void or un-enforceable, the remainder of our arrangements shall remain, where possible, in full force and effect. Any hotels that you book are subject to their separate terms & conditions, which can be viewed here on their websites.