The year that was… the year that so many folk were taken from us, not only celebrities but friends and acquaintances that always took time out to shake your hand on the dance floor, or as you worked away behind the decks. Even as the candle of 2016 started to slowly flicker and whimper and the flame was nearing its end, it still managed to rekindle its devastating cull as it extinguished out some of our scenes leading lights right up until the end. Colonel Abrahams was a man that suffered from many personnel problems and whilst his life might have been troubled, he did bring joy and euphoria to the world’s dance floors with his tracks that arguably contained some of the vital DNA that was passed down to House music as we know it today.The dance music narrative contains as many volumes as a complete set of world encyclopaedias and without the books containing the letters D and M the set is incomplete and many questions remain unanswered. David Mancuso and the pages he wrote in the world of dance music are as important in the history of clubbing as volumes D and M are to the history of the world. Mancuso’s contribution to nightlife was huge, his clubs such as Love Saves The Day and of course The Loft will be on the lips of clubbers as long as House music and Disco music is appreciated around the globe and that will be forever! His attention to detail when it came to the sound in a club set the bar at a height that many promoters could only stand back; look up and scratch their heads in wonder at. A real trailblazer and innovator has left the club for the last time!

Finally Sharon Jones has sadly lost her battle with cancer but was singing to friends from her hospital bed on Facetime right until her final days. Jones was an incredibly gifted vocalist that like so many Soul singers slipped through the net until Daptone re discovered her and gave her that gentle step up into the limelight that she deserved so justly. Thank you for the music and the great clubs guys.

On the SSW front, our line-up is now finished and complete and what a line up. We will be announcing our finale act any day now and those of you that joined the mailing list here on the website will be sent an email with details of this incredible booking, a vocalist that is flying in from the USA to perform with a full band on the Sunday afternoon and it PROMISES to be immense. To the HUNDREDS of DJs that contacted us to play at SSW7, thank you, it’s kinda overwhelming the amount of guys out there wanting to play. We do tend to book all our support artsites from the numerous DJs that attend SSW, although we look forward to hearing from talented folk that have a great following and can bring something to the party, as well as bringing something different to the table musically. We have started booking DJs for SSW8 in 2018 already and some of our regular attendees will be getting their chance to play on one of our main stages at SSW8 and we look forward to meeting all ya’ll DJs that we simply can’t fit on SSW7’s line up next summer anyway.

The merchandise page will be up to full speed in the next couple of weeks and we are going to be selling some amazing tables that can literally have any image encased in the glass, record labels, soul patches, the mod target, chess boards, monopoly boards and album covers on the square tables as well as some really nice bespoke record centre tables.  Please email us for further details.

Record table

We are very pleased to announce that Furstenburg/Weihenstephan and Made In Glasgow Records will be hosting a room at SSW7, we will be adding the details to our website shortly.  The room is called The Love Lounge and it will be an intimate lil’ room where DJs will be dropping in and playing ‘back to mine’ sets, which could throw up some very interesting selections.  It will be a laidback room focussing on a mo’ musical diversity and a place where DJs can really express themselves in a lounge environment.  Our complimentary drinks bar will be in this room too for those of you with tokens but everybody is welcome to hang out.

Music wise there are some great tracks to look out for in the coming months. One track we have been following since its early demo days is the former SSW guests Steal Vybe featuring Marc Sirdane (formally Sadane) on vocals, who also appeared at SSW6. Marc Sirdane recorded two blinding LPs for Warner Brothers and his tracks ‘Baby Won’t Cha’, ‘One Minute From Love’ and ‘One Way Love Affair’ are still favourites on the Modern Soul scene to this day. Sirdane has recorded Garage tracks in the past with BOP but this track titled ‘Take You There’ stands head and shoulders above those surprisingly unremarkable BOP productions. Like Sirdane, Steal Vybe have not really had the break they justly deserve, their productions are ridiculous and this latest offering is outstanding both vocally and production wise. Haunting female vocals lead us down the infectious, bumpy bassline path where we are greeted by Sirdane’s focussed vocal. Sirdane is cuddled by more lush female vocals through the track and the female vocals spar wonderfully with Sirdane’s confident performance. Spattered with lovely, soulful synth whines and marimba percussive punctuation, you can’t help but jump on the groove and take the ride.

Boogie Cafe Release

Various Artists (title unknown) Boogie Café
SSW7 guests Boogie Café sent us a great Test Pressing featuring four tracks from the Bristol based stable. Ebony Cuts ‘Bionic Lover’ is a dirty Funk stomper laced with horns and clicky guitar rhythm. The Boogie Café crew chuck the 180 dart with ‘Maple Loco’, which is a ridiculously fierce rip of El Coco’s ‘Cocomotion’. Conga heavy Disco at its best! Neil Diablo keeps the Disco heat turned up to max with ‘Got To Give In’ and Javi Frias from Madrid lays down the thick and muddy bassline heavy ‘Time And Space’, which seems to fill every space in every bar with sound. Proper edits shenanigans filled with meaty Disco goodness with loadsa phat bits.

Carvalho ‘Soul New’ (Digital only)
Carlvaho has nailed that sound that straddles the Modern Soul and Garage genres perfectly with ‘Soul New’ on the ‘Extended Mix’ and the production is really, really nice. Loadsa warm, rounded bottom end and slippery bass lix, short stabby, searing strings and long lush strings also, vibes and sweet flute played by Carvalho ride the gentle hand clap driven trip. Carvalho demonstrates his wicked vocal range as he leaps from his soulful, mellifluous tones into falsetto moments, some inflicted with an understated rasp that adds a lil’ texture to this velvet wrapped dancer. A must for the Soul rooms and mo’ soulful House rooms.
Read Carvalho’s Blog

Oscar P ‘The Last Ronin’ Open Bar Music Album
Let’s not beat about the bush here, you need this LP! Moments of sheer genius prevail here, Mark Farina’s track on the LP ‘Cmon’ Playa’ is silly, silly baad and been in my box and dropped to great effect for months and months… Talk ‘bout a groove, damn this is on fire. The rumbling bass of ‘Be Where You Are’ would put pressure even on that Ministry rig, it’s all sweetened up with Angel A’s dreamy vocal. Marvin Brown’s vocal on ‘Witness’ is black, black and soulful to the very core and the Jazz undertones of this track simply send me. Hey, it’s fuckin’ pointless me reelin’ each track of the the fifteen available here, we will be wasting valuable playin’ time… Jus’ buy it! Dark, sweet, melodic, Afro influenced and very naughty at times with beats so heavy you are bound to have the neighbour knockin’ on the wall.

Fuzion Starring Cassio Ware The Day That I Stopped Loving U Fuzion Records
I can’t remember Cassio Ware being involved in a bad record… EVER! And he keeps a clean slate with this latest outing on Fuzion, which is a project between Ware and Franke Estevez. The ‘90’s Retro Vox’ finds Ware delivering a typical moody spoken monologue over a lovely squelchy bassline, searing organ and irresistible percussion that is mind blowing.  The ‘Late Night Vox’ is underpinned with piano stabs taking us up to the, oh so sweet synth swirls and fluty keys.  And so the story continues, it’s killa mix after killa right down to the stripped to the percussive bones beats mixes that are simple sick grooves.  A piece of work dedicated to Cassio’s girlfriend Tasha who sadly passed away after a tragic accident earlier this year.

Don’t forget, if you wanna advertise in the SSW7 programme drop us an email and we are still looking for more sponsors at all levels to join the great partnerships we already have with companies.

Have a great Christmas and wicked New Year/Hogmanay!

See ya’ll at 99 Hanover Street in Edinburgh on Christmas Eve for a mash up of nu House, rare Disco, Boogie and Jazzy shiz 21:00-late FREE ENTRY
And make sure you don’t miss MFSBD or Mother Funkin’ Soulful Boxing Day on December 26th downstairs at The Street on the corner of Picardy Place and Broughton Street, Edinburgh. It’s a one off MFSB with myself and SOUL SAM on the decks all night playing Disco, Modern Soul, Boogie, rare Soul and a touch of Northern. Things kick off at 21:00 and finish at 03:00 and as ever it’s FREE!!

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