I’m VERY late with January’s blog for one reason and another but mainly as things have been heating up generally with SSW as we start to think about the production side of things now and the post Christmas booking rush has started. Gonna keep the blog short and sweet then for this month, so here we go…


SSW are ecstatic that one of the UK’s most dynamic clothing brands has reached out to us and joined forces with pro active sponsorship for SSW that will link us in with a lot of their branding campaigns and generally be associated with FORTY CLOTHING.  Fashion and music has gone hand in hand as far back as is humanly possible to remember, from the drape suits of Teddy Boys, the sew on patched vests of the Northern Soul scene, to the Vivienne Westwood tartan of the punk era, it all leaves its mark in clubbing history and we hope the amazing Forty brand will keep on growing in stature as our relationship grows with this ridiculously on it team in Glasgow.  “Why SSW?” I asked Forty, “We just love the passion and what you guys do” was the reply. Fair enough. We will be keeping you guys in the loop with Forty Clothing on the blog…

Sad news that Eric Leiper has passed away, the guy was becoming an almost overnight legend on the House Music scene. I only recently just started communicating with the guy as he was interested in what was going on at SSW and I was only starting to get to grips with his story. He was good friends with Victor Simonelli and from what I know was born in Bearsden and had moved to the North of England. Apparently he started DJing AFTER he retired and was nailing it and enjoying a lot of respect both as a DJ and a human being, so we tip our SSW cap to Eric who proved that age is nothing more than digits and that music is the key. RIP Eric Leiper.

Don’t wanna give too much away yet but Dave Girdwood who plays SSW7 and his gem of a missus Lynne have turned up one of the best unknown Boogie/Funky Soul cuts I have heard for a long time. It came via a tip off from a collector in Australia and all the other four copies sitting with one seller on Ebay were snapped up by the Girdwoods. More info next month and hopefully a sound clip on here too as this great C/U is not on Youtube or Shazam and we can let you have a listen!  It’s gonna be worth the wait, trust me.

MFSBSpeaking of the Girdwoods, they are the guests at March’s MFSB in Edinburgh, we’ll give you a lil’ mo’ info about that in February’s blog in two weeks but in the meantime, why not come and check myself and Dave Elders throw down on Feb 4th at 15:00 until 21:00 at The Street in Edinburgh on Picardy Place.  It’s ALWAYS free and it’s ALWAYS busy and folk travel from all around the U.K. for this daytime clubbing institution.

K, some tunes.

Dali ‘Voynich’/’STCFTHOTA’ Hobbes Music
Anybody with a remote interest in ol’ skool House music will instantly sit up and listen to this track as soon as the first bars of ‘Voynich’ are instigated.  It’s as if Dali has taken apart half a dozen ol’ Acid House and Techno tracks and tossed them in the air and restructured them into a new and wonderful musical monument in remembrance of musical days gone by.  It’s a new piece of musical architecture using old building materials and I’m a fan of the old and new House sound, so this is right up my street.  ‘STCFTHOTA’ is deep, shuffling and hypnotic groove filled with abstract sounds all riding the very laid back and infectious groove.  It’s out there, it’s right out there and in stark contrast to the something something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue sound of ‘Voynich’, this is 100% FRESH!

Haldo ‘Superstition’ Promo
A prattling percussive groove that will appeal to lovers of the mo’ minimal House sound. The bassline is super lazy and takes a lazy ride under the bust rattling snare. It’s all interspersed with lines from Stevie Wonder’s 1972 classic of the same name but I suspect the vocals might of been re sung for this track but the swirling effects camouflage the vocal into a trippy, echoing, haunted chant. It’s dark, it’s deep, it’s menacing! Another Oscar P mix, a guy we all need to keep an eye on here in the UK.

Leo Alarcon ‘Greens’ Promo
We have been sent the ‘Playroom Boston Afro Mix’, which as you might expect is of a very earthy, primitive, tribal like percussive persuasion, all enveloped in delicate, trickling piano touches and white noise effects. The vocal delivery is straight from the church, it’s classic call and answer shit, it’s drenched in Soul and you can almost feel the sweat from the church ceiling dripping on you as the vocalist leans into the odd chanting of vegetables, which on paper sounds odd but the reality is, it swings the track along wonderfully. The vocal is raunchy to a tee, the sound ethnic and mesmerising, if you like ya shit raw to the core, buy it!

Northern Souls Various tracks Black Riot
I’m not gonna write a review of four tracks I am involved with, that would be silly, it’s for other people to pontificate over, scrutinise and ultimately decide if they like or dislike the stuff but I hope you don’t mind me making you aware of this EP produced by myself and Alan Watson, my long time partner in the Ohm tracks that were signed by R&S Records, the Murk guys for Vibe Records and numerous other productions we punished the general public with. The EP is released shortly on Midnight Riot’s sister stable Black Riot and can be heard and reserved here.

Drop us an e mail to send TP’s or upfront promos yogihaughton.ssw@gmail.com

Till next time!

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