We have been very busy up at SSW Castle booking DJs AND we are so close to booking our biggest finale act so far but that is all we can say at this point. We have learnt over the years that NOTHING is a done deal in the weekender business until the ink is dry and the artiste has at least one foot on the plane. We will of course let you know as soon as we have any news about the finale act and about any other updates we have for you also but trust us, there is some serious shit to announce in the near future.

Those of you that attended SSW6 and paid a deposit on the same accommodation for SSW7 really need to think about settling up the remainder of you accommodation monies please. We have been holding some units for six months now and as four berths in particular are thin on the ground, we need to finalise your paperwork. REMEMBER, you can buy your passes up to a week before SSW7, which will help you spread the cost over a whole year.

We welcome Boogie Café DJ duo Alex Dinham and Jimmy The Twin to our line up for a Boogie Café take over at SSW7. This Bristol based label is at the arrowhead of the Disco/Nu Disco scene, releasing mighty fine music squarely aimed at the dance floor of those who have a Disco hangover each weekend and simply can’t enough of the frikin’ stuff. It looks as though there is a hefty contingent following the lads up from Bristol and headin’ North to support the guys also, we look forward to them joining the SSW family.

Ecstatic to have Jimpster return to SSW by the way, his slot at SSW4 was one of those moments people still talk about to this day but don’t hold your breath jus’ yet, we still have some surprises up our sleeve for SSW7 and things are gonna get even more interesting.

Lots’ of folk booking from abroad again for SSW this year, including folk from mainland Europe, South Africa, the USA and it looks as though there is possibly a Vietnam attendee too, the SSW word is getting out there internationally again.

Music wise there is loads poppin’, Kodie Blak might be a name that you are aware of from Face Book, he is a renowned music yapper on there and folk literally hang onto his every word and no wonder, he knows his shit inside out. That knowledge has now been put to use in the studio and Kodie is turning out quality Disco/Boogie influenced tunes quicker than Donald Trump is doing U turns on electoral promises. Keep your ear to the ground for ‘Feel The Funk’ and ‘Inside The Triangle’, two tracks that I have been caning of late and Northern Soul fans should pay attention to his rub of ‘Love Is My Secret Weapon’ by Darrow Fletcher titled ‘Keep On Steppin’. It’s been dragged right up to date with a real gritty shuffling groove that might find favour in Modern Rooms and House rooms alike. Love the lil’ keys that ring away in the background and Fletcher’s vocal is… Wellllll is Darrow Fletcher innit!

Jamie Mcshane of Difusion is another prolific Scottish re rub razor and block producer, his Ann Sexton and Coke Escavado edits have been causing road blocks since their vinyl releases on his own label, also entitled Difusion. His percussive heavy rub of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Another Star’ is welcomed too as an alternative version to drop for me after playing Ike Noble’s obscure version of ‘Another Star’ for so long at the Boogie gigs. A full and rounded horn hefty, drum and clap onslaught of a production.

Midnight Riot launch Black Riot Records this month and their sister stable Black Riot promises to be a very cool offshoot too filled with even mo’ eclectic product sourced by Andy Yam Who. Look out for new releases from Amp Fiddler and Alan Watson my partner on the Ohm tracks for R&S and Murk’s sister stable Vibe, who has joined forces with me once again to put together a four track EP for Black Riot. It’s a potpourri of sounds including Acid House and a Disco banger that the EP takes its title from called ‘Coming Back’ and is released under the auspicious artist name of Northern Souls. However, Northern Soul fans take note, it’s feck all to do with Northern! I know, it makes no sense at all but a lot in life doesn’t make sense!


More next month guys but in the meantime make sure you book your SSW accommodation, once you do that your passes are guaranteed and in the bag and you can purchase them up to a week prior to the event. If you want your tracks mentioned, email me a press release and I’ll try to squeeze you in. NO tracks that that are already released please!

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