October Update

At SSW we are always trying to keep things fresh, whilst glancing back over our shoulder at the past with a respectful nod. Imagine how happy we were to book an artiste for SSW7 that is very contemporary, whilst firmly also lookin’ back over her shoulder and borrowing heavily from the vibrant and relevant Northern Soul and Funk scenes.

We are stoked that Lucinda Slim will will be performing live at SSW AND DJing, a double bubble coup but wait… It gets better. Lucinda will be backed by the Haggis Horns (pictured), an incredible Funk band in their own right, so what we have is a triple treat headin’ our way in June.  Have a read of Lucinda’s Biog and remember SSW will always break new DJs and artistes as well as booking some of the biggest legends in the game.

The growth globally of the SSW brand has been way beyond our expectations and the amount of mail we receive from all over the world is staggering. Imagine the buzz in SSW’s office when we received a request from a DJ to play in our amazing Goldmine Room all the way from South Africa. 2Lani will be our first South African guest to play, not only in the Goldmine but at the event itself, so we are naturally proper stoked about this.  With the rise and rise in popularity of Afro House, Kwaito and general the interest in South African DJs, we can’t wait to hear what 2Lani has to offer.

Hard to believe but we get between five and ten DJs a week reaching out to play at SSW and we simply cannot accommodate all the DJs that ask to spin at the event. That is why we started our Goldmine Room, to make a space for DJs that wanna play at a large event that might not normally get a chance to. We find the fairest way to book the support DJs is through our regular attendees that come year in and year out and those that make an impression in The Goldmine. We have so many amazing DJs that attend SSW and EVERY single one of them that we have booked to support our headline DJs in the main arenas have wrecked the respective rooms they have played in. Unlike many weekenders, at SSW we try to give something back by booking folk that come to the event and the resulting talent we have discovered has been astonishing.


The Goldmine is a great place to get on at SSW and get noticed, many of the Goldmine DJs will tell you that playing in there has opened up so many doors for them. Dave Elders is working two or three nights a week now to crowds of 500+ and he said “until I did the Goldmine I was  bedroom DJ, it’s all happened for me since playing in The Goldmine”.  iMFROMULL is now one of the UK’s most respected Edits DJs and he STILL plays the Goldmine on the years that he is not booked to play our Shrine Room, he said “indirectly every gig I get has come from playing in The Goldmine”Ian Pattinson will have played The Goldmine three times after SSW7 and is now booked for SSW8 in The Shrine.  His profile has gone ape since playing The Goldmine and he echoed what iMFROMULL said, agreeing that since doing The Goldmine his gigs are spread much further afield and more frequent. If you ARE attending SSW7, make sure you spend time in The Goldmine, you will be amazed at the atmosphere in there and the stoopid high standard of DJing that goes down.

NB all SSW7 slots were taken within two days, if you are attending SSW7 make sure that you book a slot for SSW8’s Goldmine with Munchkin at reception!

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