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Project Description

DJ Carolyn Crawford’s very first record that she purchased was Father Gabriel And The Smurfs on 45. Her Dad was into a Country And Western and Mum was into Soul, two genres that borrow heavily from each other in the Southern states. Her first Album was Rockin’ Roll hits of the 50’s and the classic Rockin’ Robin’ track was the stand out cut for the inquisitive youngster.

Things really started to take off when Carolyn got her hands on her Mum’s Soul Sizzlers album and was introduced to Robert Parker’s Barefootin and The Capitols Cool Jerk. At last the connection to her beloved Northern Soul, albeit round the houses and over the hills had been made. The mod scene beckoned and Carolyn spent many an hour thrifting for the clobber, the jewellery and the tunes from the 60s. It was that exposure to the mod scene that introduced Carolyn to Pyschobilly, Punk and Ska, which she gleefully saddled next to Kent Soul Compilation, King Kurt or Meteors records in her collection. Her ‘stoner’ days were spent mainly indoors listening to music, tripping and eating… and eating a bit more, before she ate some more, jus’ before she had a snack on the way to bed.

Once out of the hashish cycle she was hitting Streetrave, Rezurrection and all nighters such as Technodrome and Earthquaker. As if her musical experiences were not already colourful enough, Caroline landed a job with an international haulier, she was now clubbing in Tokyo to LA as well as attending large festivals from Glastonbury to Coachella and too many Big Chills to mention.

Her musical tastes are wide and diverse, from rare 60s Soul, RnB ,Funk and Disco, through to Hip Hop, Electronica and Drum and Bass. Where this set is gonna go is as much a mystery to us as it might be to you but it will definitely be one of the most eclectic to date in The Goldmine. Make way for the crazy world of Carolyn Crawford and her wonderful musical oil wheel.

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