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Dave was raised on a diet of classic Soul by his mother and the odd Northern tape “sent up the road” from his mum’s friend in Manchester. Like all teenagers Dave rebelled though and found Hip Hop mo’ to his liking, which ignited his obsession with collecting records from an early age.

It was his love of Hip Hop though that reconnected him with Soul once again in later years as he started sample spotting and recognising tracks from his teenage days, those very tunes his mum belted out. As a youngster Dave frequented clubs such as Make It Phunky and Sexual Chocolate in Edinburgh, as well as occasionally turning out at Good Foot in Glasgow.

Fast forward a few years and Dave has been bitten really badly by the record collecting bug, now it’s ultra rare and underplayed Funk and Northern singles and album tracks that he chases with a demonic passion. The rapid rate of collecting has meant Dave has played at the majority of quality Scottish Soul clubs in the past couple of years and also during that time he promoted some of the more “real deal” Soul gigs in Edinburgh.

He is now widely in demand all over Europe and can also be found travelling up and down the UK most weekends. Dave has also joined the True Soul team and will be playing a part in their rare Soul events in Scotland.

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