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Gerry’s first introduction to House music was when he was just a tender fifteen years old, he was already sneaking into the award winning Club 9 (Best Club In Scotland Blues & Soul Awards) to see our very own Yogi Haughton DJ, the touch paper had been lit and Gerry had stumbled on the underground club scene.

To say that Gerry had a life changing experience at Club 9 is an understatement, the effect of hearing House music for the first time instantly impressed the young Larnakshire lad. He was quicky attending numerous all nighters at Motherwell Civic Centre, Tin Pan Alley and the Tunnel in Glasgow. It didn’t take long to discover Streetrave at Ayr Pavilion, the next big game changer for Gerry. Gerry had been captivated by the big vocal sound of House music at that time and perhaps standing right behind the decks one night at Cream in Liverpool watching Todd Terry was the very moment that sparked Gerry’s DJing ambitions.

Realising the DJ game was a hard game to break into, Gerry opted for the promoter/DJ route into spinning and started promoting nights at the Silverburn Hotel in Newarthill. Alas he was constantly hindered by working for long periods away from home all over the world in the oil industry, Gerry had to shelve the DJ aspirations and concentrate on his daytime job. That was then though, when Gerry heard about The Goldmine room at SSW he thought, “why not get involved?” He still had an insatiable love for the music and that need to share your music with people is a bug that any DJ will tell you is an impossible illness to cure.

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