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Born and still residing in London, James has racked up over 25 years experience playing predominantly Soul music but he is also very much a fan of other styles of music including Jazz, Funk, Latin and other forms of black music.

As a teenager, it was the music being played on the numerous pirate radio stations broadcasting in and around London that were his main influence, and which fuelled his desire to discover a wider spectrum of music than what was offered on mainstream radio at the time. The acquisition of an ex-mobile disco sound system meant that James’s early DJ experiences were at youth clubs, private parties and hosting his own events and these events presented the opportunity for James to DJ with some of his main influences at the time.

Over the past ten years, James has been working at Sounds Of The Universe record shop in Soho, home to the Soul Jazz Records label, an ideal place to feed the addiction for discovering more of the music that he loves so passionately. Having DJed at three SSWs so far and been present at all six, James is looking forward to bringing a wide selection of feel good soulful music to SSW7. Definitely a set for the ‘heads’ to check out, James always throws something unusual, left of centre and quite often forgotten about by the other DJs on the circuit.




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