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Project Description

A classic bedroom DJ start found Jason pottering about on the decks in his house before the DJing bug bit him like a grumpy Rottweiler that hadn’t eaten for a week. Professional sets loomed and it wasn’t long until Jason found himself thrust behind the decks of some of Scotland’s finest clubs and bars on the West coast.

The October Cafe, Archaos, Yes Bar, Planet Peach and arguably two of Glasgow’s finest venues, The Sub Club and The Tunnel have all been a stage for Jason’s musical tapestry to unfold. A frequent visitor to the Southport Soul Weekenders in the early days:- which helped provide him with some vast knowledge of his favourite music:- fine tuned Jason’s musical ear. After a short DJ break, Jason headed up Sumfin’ Soulful, monthly Soul and House nights in Lanarkshire, which is when Sumfin’ Soulful Sundays on Groove City Radio was created also.

You can expect a musical collision of sounds when Jason gets on the decks, we could be treated to Disco, House, Funk or Soul… Wherever we end up, you can guarantee it will be very soulful place.



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