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Taste-maker, label boss, producer, DJ, remixer. Jamie Odell wears many hats and wears them incredibly well and confidently. Under his Jimpster alias, he has become one the most revered deep house producer/DJs operating on the scene today. His esteemed labels Freerange and Delusions of Grandeur continue to help break incredible new music and equally impressive acts such as Detroit Swindle, Tornado Wallace and Session Victim. From his U.K. base, Jimpster has inadvertently become a standard-bearer and custodian of the authentic house sound, and carries this flag to the four corners of the world.

As he puts it:

“House music has been my first love and passion since hearing ‘Strings Of Life’ for the first time at The Essex Barn in 1988 and I’m still inspired by the memories I have of that period when the whole electronic music scene was so fresh and exciting, as well as being really broad and eclectic.  One minute we were listening to Lil Louis’ ‘The Story Continues’ and the next, freaking out to ‘Radio Babylon’ by Meat Beat Manifesto.  Every track seemed to have its own strong identity and unique sound and I guess that ethos is something I try and carry through to my A&R for the labels.  Certainly as a producer I am still striving to produce that perfect house track which will stand the test of time in the same way that those early classics have.  The blueprint is simple: to inject life, depth, soul, sincerity and attitude. This is what sets the players apart from the pretenders.  That challenge is what keeps me focused and inspired 25 years on and I’m sure it will keep me on my toes for the years to come.”

His seminal LP ‘Messages From The Hub’ established Jimpster as an artist of note back in the late 90’s and the music has flowed steadily and consistently since then.  2016 promised to be an incredible year too with collaborations looming between Jimpster and Kuniyuki from Japan and Mr V this winter.  His current stat as a remixer is almost hitting a century now and there is still a slew of remixes in the pipeline, as well as DJ gigs all over the world including SSW7.




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