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Mr Beef’s first introduction to House music was through one of his spars back at the start of the new century, where he would watch and listen as his friend play around on the decks and Mr Beef would soak up the sounds.

Mr Beef took to the decks himself at house parties and fine tuned his ear and honed his taste, doing his DJ apprenticeship so to speak.  His early DJ influences were Kerri Chandler and Kenny Dope but he’s stayed true to the “real deal” and now checks out Greg Wilson, Joey Negro, John Morales, Rahaan and Derrick Carter for his Disco and 80’s tuneage fix.

Mr Beef is a busy lad gigging around the North East and as a guest DJ on radio shows such as The Soulful Sessions and The Northern Collective, two great shows on the renowned Real House Radio.  A regular on the floors at Southport, WHQ and The Cut, Mr Beef is now a massive fan of The Hoochie Coochie in Newcastle and seeks musical refuge at this brilliant venue when he is not giggin’ himself.  Ian can’t wait to make his Goldmine debut at SSW7 and offer up some serious Disco, 80’s electronic music and House.


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