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Phil Austin and sometimes known as Left For Love for his mixes online: ­is a sucker for a good re ­edit or re ­work of a classic Soul, Funk, Disco or House tune but a prevalent groove and a pulsing bass line are the underlying ingredient in any tune dropped by Phil. SSW7 will be Phil’s third year in the Goldmine and after his last appearance at SSW6 things have really taken off for Phil.

He has become an integral part of the Reboot Collective who play in and around the Manchester area, he is also part of the Dig Deep team playing at R’Johns Snug at Beatherder, The Love Shack at Solfest and The Armchair Sessions at Alfresco.  Phil is also a regular guest selector with the Soul Food radio show on Cowbell Radio; he also plays out at the popular Soul Food parties at the Bootleg Social in Blackpool.  Guess who gets the call when the Craig Charles Funk And Soul Club rolls into the area also?  Yup, Phil Austin is the first choice for this prestigious gig.

Phil’s DJ sets are a heady fusion of classic and modern dance tunes with a strong leaning towards the soulful and funky side of things.  The emphasis is always on the dance floor with tunes blazin’ and rham full with killer keys, rasping horns and soaring vocals, all laid lovingly over a foot shuffling back beat.  Never one to be pigeon holed, his selections are eclectic and varied with the possibility of a few surprises thrown in to take you off the BEATen track.  Phil will also be appearing in the Shrine Room at SSW8 but in the meantime, support this North West lad on his Goldmine hatrick.



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