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Yogi has been traversing the multitude of never ending genres of music that make up the complicated and rich Soul scene tapestry since his teenage years in Manchester, a city some would argue is the epicentre of black music culture in the 60s and 70s.

A veteran of some of the greatest clubs in the world that shaped our scene, including Wigan Casino, The Ritz, The Tunnel NYC, Blackpool Mecca, Shelter, Rafters, Cassinelli’s, Body And Soul, The Locarno, The Wag, we don’t even start toscratch the surface of Yogi’s clubbing experience. With this impressive list of clubbing trophies under his belt, as you can imagine, Yogi has witnessed the neverending twists and turns music morphs through and he has seen sub-genre follow sub-genre and his sets tend to reflect this diversity.

As a DJ Yogi has played all over the world but his residencies at The Hoochie Coochie, The Sub Club, The Southport Weekender (1-14), Club 9 and Street Rave are probably some of the more prominent gigs that define his ability to play in a Soul room one hour and move across a club into the House room and smash the ball outta the park in both DJing disciplines.

Expect Funk, Boogie, Modern Soul, rare Disco a touch of Jazz and a smattering of rare Northern from Yogi at SSW… Who knows, there might even be some GoGo and edits.



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