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Project Description

Yogi is of course; along with the Munchkin, one half of the driving force behind SSW and its workings, as well as promoting MFSB in Edinburgh, the full on Saturday afternoon club.

Generously hailed as the man that brought House and Techno music to Scotland in the mid/late 80’s at clubs such as the infamous Hoochie Coochie and The Calton Studios all nighters, Yogi is only too pleased to accept some responsibility for nurturing the embryonic House and Techno scenes in those early days.

His musical knowledge is vast and varied, DJ Magazine crowned Yogi “the John Peel of Dance music”, such is the depth and diversity of his musical ear. He recently signed an EP to Midnight Riot’s very cool offshoot called Black Riot; however, Yogi’s recording career goes back several decades when vinyl was king. In the past he has been associated to Murk’s Vibe Records, R&S’s Global Cuts series and the hugely respected Guidance Recordings in Chicago, as well as numerous UK based labels. Always bang up front with his choice House cuts, he is also prone to drop the odd forgotten nugget at gigs such as 99 Hanover, Hectors House, Streetrave and numerous other parties Yogi plays at. Yogi will be heading to Vocal Booth in 2017 also and can’t wait to meet the VB crew at SSW.



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