Mr Beef


Mr Beef's first introduction to House music was through one of his spars back at the start of the new century, where he would watch and listen as his friend play around on the decks and Mr Beef would soak up the sounds. Mr Beef took to the decks himself at house [...]

Scouser Paul


As a teenager Paul would delve into his mum’s Motown records sparking a lifelong passion for black music, which could explain his bunking off school to listen to records at various mates’ houses, which let’s face it, beats double maths. By the 1980s, he was a keen clubber and audiophile, always looking [...]

Neil Gales


A blend of tough, hypnotic House and Techno grooves... That's what Neil utilises to create a soundtrack to make the dance floor move. The North East based lad known to his mates as 'Galsey' started listening to House music being churned out on a massive scale from Chicago and New York [...]