Markus Kater


Like many of us, Markus was surrounded by folk with a less favourable taste in music than his personal and already mature insight into ‘black music’. His friends enthused and gushed about chart music such as The Sweet, Status Quo and heaven forbid, The Bay City Rollers. Markus however was the cool [...]

Liam Gorman


SSW is in Liam's blood, he's now played the Goldmine on no less than three occasions and had a one stint in the VIP bar. For Liam, like so many at SSW, he says that despite there being huge names on at SSW it's the Goldmine that "inspires him" and that young [...]

Scott Malcolm


As a child Scott was exposed to his parent’s eclectic mix of music ranging from Rock, to Disco and Soul. Later, when the rave scene kicked off, his love for house music began when he started going to all-nighters at the Forum in Livingston with StreetRave, then Raindance in London and World [...]

Carolyn Crawford


DJ Carolyn Crawford’s very first record that she purchased was Father Gabriel And The Smurfs on 45. Her Dad was into a Country And Western and Mum was into Soul, two genres that borrow heavily from each other in the Southern states. Her first Album was Rockin' Roll hits of the 50’s [...]

Mr Beef


Mr Beef's first introduction to House music was through one of his spars back at the start of the new century, where he would watch and listen as his friend play around on the decks and Mr Beef would soak up the sounds. Mr Beef took to the decks himself at house [...]

Jason J Brown


A classic bedroom DJ start found Jason pottering about on the decks in his house before the DJing bug bit him like a grumpy Rottweiler that hadn’t eaten for a week. Professional sets loomed and it wasn't long until Jason found himself thrust behind the decks of some of Scotland’s finest clubs and [...]

Scouser Paul


As a teenager Paul would delve into his mum’s Motown records sparking a lifelong passion for black music, which could explain his bunking off school to listen to records at various mates’ houses, which let’s face it, beats double maths. By the 1980s, he was a keen clubber and audiophile, always looking [...]

Ian Pattinson


Also known as DJ Chips, Ian is making his third appearance in a row at SSW and The Goldmine Room and Ian said of it, “I can’t wait to experience the whole SSW vibe again”. With over forty years of record collecting behind him and not being satisfied with playing just one [...]

Phil Austin


Phil Austin and sometimes known as Left For Love for his mixes online: ­is a sucker for a good re ­edit or re ­work of a classic Soul, Funk, Disco or House tune but a prevalent groove and a pulsing bass line are the underlying ingredient in any tune dropped by Phil. [...]

Neil Gales


A blend of tough, hypnotic House and Techno grooves... That's what Neil utilises to create a soundtrack to make the dance floor move. The North East based lad known to his mates as 'Galsey' started listening to House music being churned out on a massive scale from Chicago and New York [...]

2Lani The Warrior


2Lani The Warrior has been breaking down dance floors all over the South African club scene since 1997. Famed for his trademark "sweet" House sound and a flawless technical mixing style, which is cultivated by experience, direct contact with the dancers on the floors and feedback gained from an ever increasing and faithful [...]

Rory Cochrane


Currently residing in the North East, UK, Rory has been DJing for over fifteen years. His early influences were the U.S. West coast House scene, in particular the early Naked Music vibe, Dubtribe Sound System, Miguel Migs, Rasoul, Andy Caldwell, JT Donaldson & Lance Desardi. More of Rory’s influences include the likes of [...]

DJ Lee Willow


Lee has enjoyed a love affair with House music for some twenty years now, his preferred styles are classic U.S. House, deep, underground, vocal and funky House music, although he is not adverse to the odd Soul, Disco and Funk tracks too. Lee is a well travelled and seasoned clubber, trips to [...]

Gerard Mays


Gerry's first introduction to House music was when he was just a tender fifteen years old, he was already sneaking into the award winning Club 9 (Best Club In Scotland Blues & Soul Awards) to see our very own Yogi Haughton DJ, the touch paper had been lit and Gerry had stumbled on [...]

Richard ‘Stitch’ Hutton


SSW7 sees the return to the Goldmine room of Richard 'Stitch' Hutton after making his debut at the SSW weekender last June. Playing the penultimate Sunday afternoon closing set at SSW6, which included classic West coast tracks by DJ Buck, and a splashing of deep Tech House from labels such as Giant Music [...]

Dale Nortier


Brought up on a neat diet of his parents record collection and by listening to Mike Shaft and Richard Searling on some serious radio shows, it’s fair to say that Dale had a good musical schooling as a kid. His musical influences are a mixed bag ranging from Disco pioneers such as [...]

Jack Knight


Jack Knight's love affair with House music started at the incredible age of eight years old! When most kids are usually chasing the ice cream van, Jack was chasing House tracks and gettin' his head around four to the floor beats and not his four times table. A party called Perfect [...]

DJ Cleggster


Jody Lochery aka DJ Cleggster is a DJ that draws his Influences from Deep, Jacking, Tech House and straight ahead Techno music. His musical style is heavily plundered from what's happening in on the floors of great music cities such as Chicago, Detroit and the European epicentre of nightlife, Berlin. Perhaps [...]

Barry McCormack


Spanning a DJ career of over twenty two years, Barry McCormack’s musical roots began entrenched and deep in the U.S. Garage and Soulful House sound, expanding more recently into Modern Soul, Classic Soul and Disco forays. Barry has graced the decks at many nights around the country from co-running his own nights in the [...]